78 Airport Boulevard Singapore 819666 ,Singapore ,Singapore ,Changi

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10 am to 10 pm

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Short-term Parking (B2M and B2) First 90 mins: S$0.04/min Subsequent 30 mins or part thereof S$5/30mins • General Parking (B3 to B5) S$0.04/min

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About Jewel

It first began with the need to expand the capacity of Changi Airport’s Terminal 1 as well as its open-air carpark. This led to a strategic vision with the conception of Jewel as a gem of a destination, to augment Changi Airport’s position as a leading air hub globally and boost its appeal as a stopover destination for travellers. The stunning result is a mixed-use development with gardens, attractions, retail, dining, a hotel and facilities to support airport operations. This integration of nature with engineering marvels housed under a striking glass and steel dome is poised to make headlines

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